Garden design goes beyond just placing plants or drawing beautiful pictures. We answer the question "Why hire an expert garden designer Geelong?"

You are considering building your own home, but not consulting an architect. Although you may have an idea of what you want, an architect can help you evaluate the space and determine the best materials to achieve the best results at the lowest cost. An architect will ensure that the building meets its intended purpose and is in harmony with the surrounding environment. If you're considering changing levels like wiring, drainage, or permanent structures, consult a professional.

Five reasons to hire a garden specialist

To motivate and inspire

Make the most of your outdoor space

This will allow you to overcome the limitations of the site.

Check that the work is within budget

It's easier to select the plants and materials that you love.

Inspiration for your garden

It's not an easy topic to talk about, but gardeners are more likely to see spaces differently than homeowners and landscapers. A rectangular garden may have a shed at one side and a patio on the other. They might also see a path with curves that allows for sun-filled seating. A screen made from fragrant climbing plants protects the shed and washing line.

How can you make the most out of your outdoor space.

Before you consider the features, it is important to first look at the benefits of your garden design. Do you want to feel relaxed? Perhaps you could bring the sound of water running to your mind?

Good landscape designers will ask you this first question: "What do you plan to use your garden for?" We can help expand our client's ideas by speaking with them. This list will often include items such as

Food preparation and outdoor dining

A cup of coffee with a newspaper is a good way to start the day.

Parking spaces that are safe and attractive

Storage bins made from wheelie (boring but true)

Drying laundry

Maintenance of bikes

Play space for children

You can keep your dog safe in a secure place

Enjoy your birthday with friends and family

To grow herbs and food

Help wildlife and the planet by doing your part

Keeping fish/birds/small furries

The smouldering

Amazing views from the windows

You can finance the property value

Professional garden designers have many ways to make spaces feel more spacious and less cluttered.

Use the limitations of this site

To determine the best design, a designer will conduct extensive surveys. This includes determining the intended purpose of the garden and assessing the client's preferences.

During the survey, all aspects of the property are examined. The survey will assess the dimensions of the property as well as drainage, privacy and soil types. It also examines utility lines, accessibility restrictions, age, design and views from the garden.

How can you get the garden look that you want?

You have many options for landscaping materials that you can use to beautify your garden. When you hire professionals to design your garden, the options for landscaping materials can be limited. You only need to describe your vision. You might be able to take photos of the gardens you like. The garden designer can help you narrow down your options if you don't have photos. Plants can spend hours in the garden centre, imagining what different combinations might look like and then wondering if they will survive in your yard. This is what we do - garden designers are both horticulturists, and artists. We only use plants that are pleasing to your garden.

Another important aspect to consider is communication. What can you do to communicate your ideas about gardening to the landscaper? If the landscaper does not know the scope of work, it is possible for you to be disappointed with the final results. If you make mistakes in landscaping, it is possible to be disappointed with the final results. Professional garden designers can create a master plan. This will include the dimensions, level and the materials and plants. This will enable your landscaping company estimate a fair price. If you ask, it is possible to verify that multiple landscapers quote the same price.

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